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    Abhideep Das

    The example for ErrorMetricsV2 above suggests client errors (406) are expected to be included as part of the currentDay object whereas the description states "include only server errors and not client errors".  Can this be clarified please?

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    Nils Berge

    Hi Abhideep Das

    The description states that the `aggregate` field provides a continuation of data from the previous version and should only include server errors to match the previous requirement.
    The new fields provided as `unauthenticated` and `authenticated` types should include all errors by error code, allowing client or server side to be distinguished.
    A minor clarification to reflect this is expected to be made in the next version of the Standards, as noted in this Maintenance comment - https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/standards-maintenance/issues/612#issuecomment-1822108820

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