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Grandfathered Product Reference Data (PRD) for Public vs Customer endpoints Follow



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    Jakub Vozarik

    HI Jarryd

    With regards to:

    You must provide data on grandfathered accounts for type 2 (the authenticated, customer specific account APIs).

    Are features provided in this array meant to be specific to customer circumstance or just mirror equivalent (if any in PRD)?
    Example- would ADDITIONAL_CARDS = 4 in this context mean that 4 additional cards are available for the product or that the customer in context has 4 additional cards?
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    Hi Jakub Vozarik,

    It would be the former. If the customer has taken up 3 cards however the account feature allows the customer to have 4 cards, the feature would 4. The additionalInfo field may be used to describe the current number of cards the consumer has noting that the customer can apply for one more additional card.


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