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[ARCHIVE] Definition of agentRole Follow



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    Only a small difference, but this article states -

    A reasonable default value would be fine if such a field is not routinely captured.

    but the Standards state -

    Default to Unspecified if the role is not known

    Wouldn't it be better to be consistent for unknown values?

    By reasonable default, would that be 'Account owner' or 'Secondary user' for example?

    I understand the intention may have been to provide something more like a job title, but not all data holders would have that.

    Could we have a convention or further guidance on how this was intended to be used by a data recipient?

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    Hi Nils,

    Thanks for the question, "Unspecified" would be considered a reasonable default, although banks may use other default labels for different agent roles depending on their implementation. 


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    Just a follow-up on this question and answer - after the posted the above answer, we have received some feedback requesting further clarity:

    ...what kind of roles are actually meant to be used for this?

    • Account holder
    • Account owner
    • Managing Director
    • Accountant
    • Book-keeper
    • Secondary user
    • Authorised signatory
    • Full access user
    • Delegated access user

    Something like those, or was the intention something completely different?

    The team have reviewed this and it's not defined by the Standards. The field is a text field allowing for free form text entry. The roles should be what the bank currently supports in their existing digital banking channels.

    The examples provided would be what was expected noting that different banks may have different classifications and role types.

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