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Requirement for Basic and Detailed Scopes Follow



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    Stuart Low

    Based on this statement:

    If the ADR ONLY asks for the detailed scope (for either customer or accounts), the expectation is for the DH to display the merged language. This is because detailed scopes include basic scope data.

    There does not appear to be any scenario where the detailed data cluster is ever used and consequently the merged language is, in essence, the detailed language making the business logic far simpler than originally implied.

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    Thanks for the follow-up comment Stuart. The circumstances for the unmerged language is primarily for circumstances where the customer is presented a choice as to whether to include one or both of the scopes.  This would be the case for the ADR when presenting the scopes where they require basic data for the purpose to be delivered but optionallyrequest detailed for added value functionality. 

    Also, as the regime evolves and consent amendment potentially expands the unmerged language would likely be useful in a flow where an existing consent is amended.

    The standards deliberately seek not to be too specific on when to use the merged and unmerged language and leave it to participant discretion in case there is a specific case that we haven't anticipated.

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