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[ARCHIVE] BankingScheduledPayment INACTIVE status Follow



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    Jakub Vozarik

    Hi Neale Morison and Jarryd

    Wanted to ask a follow-up question to this. With regards to open-status query parameter - is this meant to filter based on account status being open/closed?

    Assuming it is - can a data holder respond with 200 no data to a request for scheduled payments on closed accounts, provided no scheduled payments data is held?


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    James Bligh

    Hi Jakub,

    Yes, then open-status parameter is only on the bulk endpoint and is intended to filter the accounts to be included.  For all of the endpoints that operate on a set of accounts the query parameters were consistently applied so the same parameters could be used across multiple endpoints.

    If the applied filters result in a situation where no scheduled payments are to be returned then a 200 should be returned with a response payload with no records.  In this case the 'scheduledPayments' field would be an empty array.

    - James

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