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Response when text filter not implemented Follow



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    Jakub Vozarik

    Hi Neale Morison / Mark Verstege - just a quick follow-up. Is the expectation that a DH will respond with isQueryParamUnsupported regardless of whether or not the text header is included in the request or should they only include it in their response when the request contains the header and the text search is not supported and not in any other cases?


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    Nils Berge

    Hi Jakub Vozarik

    I'll respond to your query on ticket #1983.

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    Hi Jakub Vozarik,

    The answer from the DSB Team:

    If text filtering is not supported, the expectation is that the isQueryParamUnsupported field is always present in the meta object with a value of true.
    If text filtering is supported, it is never required.


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